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1056 Series

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1056 Series
1056 Series
1056 Series
1056 Series
Pump unit
The series 1056 Pump Units are assembled with a 1052 (fuel or solvent) pumps and with an electric or diesel engine through a mechanical transmission, secured to a stand. The pump units can be used on plants, marine or avionics dispensers or on trailer.

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Standard configuration

- Positive displacement rotary vane pump series 1052 E.
- ATEX II 2 G Electric motor.
- Belt and pulleys with protection.
- Carbon steel hot galvanized base.

Technical features

Standards and Regulations

- Conformity Declaration of current Directive ATEX.
- Customs Declaration of certification for Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, EAC certification.
- Conformity Declaration of current Directive Machines.
- Conformity Declaration of current Directive Electromagnetic compatibility.

Options upon request

- Gear box reducer.
- Electric motor: IP65 - ATEX II 3 G.
- Diesel engine: with manual or electric start.
- Start/stops witch box with thermal protection.


- Welding Squared flange (inlet/outlet), in steel.
- Inlet “T” Filter.


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