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LPG loading stations are designed for the transfer of dangerous pressurized liquids from stationary to mobile tanks and vice versa. They consist of two 1802 series arms, the first dedicated to the liquid phase and the second to the vapor phase. The wide range of action allows maximum coverage of the loading points. Stations can be supplied with a stand post, designed for the dimensional needs of any plant.
The flanges of the arms on the plant side can be ANSI B16.5 or PN EN 1092-1 type, while normally on the vehicle side there are Lap Joint, ANSI, PN EN 1092-1 flanges or other quick connection systems such as STANAG 3756. The loading stations can also be used for unloading aggressive liquids and therefore entirely built in AISI 304L or AISI 316L stainless steel with seals suitable for the product to be transferred.
1802 Series
1802 Series
Loading arm for LPG
1803 Series
1803 Series
LPG loading station

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